Minuteman Player Draft

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Once the player is drafted to a new team, the player is responsible for notifying MMDL at draft@mmdl.org that they have been drafted and their information will be removed from this page. This is very important for helping keep the list up to date and preventing multiple contacts from interested teams.  Names will be removed after two full seasons to keep the list up to date. If you have not been drafted and wish your name to remain active on the draft list please resubmit your infomation.

Current Draft List

ID Date Name Email/Phone Req. Div. Last Div. Last Season Req. Home
521 30 Aug '17 Christian Marquez Request E   2017 Allston
I have been playing darts since the age of 4, but have never played on a team. I would like to start this season to play darts on a more regular basis.
520 29 Aug '17 Jeff Rotcavich Request   A Fall 2016 Lynn
519 27 Aug '17 Michael Andrews Request       Plymouth
Played C division while in college in Boston/Cambridge area in late '70s. Not sure what division I'd fall into today.
518 27 Aug '17 michael rothman Request D     cambridge
I'm a pretty good player - champion of my college dorm. Just getting back into it, but working hard at it.
517 25 Aug '17 Scott McGrane Request C   2010 Medway and surrounding towns
Played for years in Boston (1980's, 90's) up to Boston "B" League Champs. Played out of Beckett's in Walpole in 2010, but didn't really work. Looking to join a team a little closer if possible.
515 22 Aug '17 Jason soto Request   E 2017 Beverly or Peabody or lynn
I last played on an E team in Beverly. I would like to play in the same area if possible near Beverly or Peabody or lynn. Im just looking to play with different people this season just email me if anyone is looking for another player.
514 15 Aug '17 Dan Stewart Request New Player     Around Natick / Metro West
Been playing darts for many years but looking to join my first league.
513 06 Aug '17 Angel Rodriguez Request C     Lynn or Saugus
I would like to join a team to start playing darts. This is my first season playing darts on a team. I would like to play in a C or D league sharpen up my skills. I would prefer to play out of Lynn but it wouldn't bother me to play out of Lynn or Saugus.
512 02 Aug '17 Scott Potter Request A A 2017 Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington, Medford
I am moving to Davis Square area on 9/1 and looking to join a team if there are any openings. Currently Playing in NH but will be leaving team. I am presently shooting in an A league and can definitely throw at that level or I could be a really good B player.
511 02 Aug '17 Tony Antonelli Request C C C Spring 2017 Abington
Play the last three seasons with "where's Kevin/ wired" out of Stix and Stones,Abington
510 26 Jul '17 Nate Ward Request New Player N/A N/A Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Arlington
509 12 Jul '17 Tamara April Request D or E N/A N/A Preferred City or Area Boston/surrounding area w/in 45 min.
I am looking to find a team where I can contribute to a winning season, and at the same time, improve into a masterful darts player. I have always enjoyed darts recreationally and am finally taking action on a goal of joining a league.
508 10 Jul '17 Adrian Herr Request D or E E Spring 2017 Boston
Love playing darts and will show up reliably, receptive to coaching.
507 10 Jul '17 James Davis Request C or above B (MA) B (NH) Spring 2017 Boston Area (Melrose, Medford, Methuen, Malden, etc.)
Prefer to be on the same team for transportation purposes with my wife as we reside in NH. Player 506
506 10 Jul '17 Tammi Smith-Davis Request C or above B (MA) A (NH) Winter 2016 Boston Area (Melrose, Medford, Methuen, Malden, etc.)
Prefer to be on the same team for transportation purposes with my husband as we reside in NH. Player 507
503 11 May '17 Stephanie Dant Request New player Bay Ridge DL (NY) Spring 2017 Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Arlington
502 06 May '17 Matt Alldian Request B B (Hoboken Darts Lea Fall 2016 (Hoboken Darts Leagu Sommerville, Cambridge, Arlington, Medford
501 02 May '17 Michael Lane Request New player A Div in FADA LI NY Spring 2017 Foxboro, Walpole
Looking for a team to join for fall 2017. Won 65-70% of my games in the toughest division on LI. Solid at cricket and 01. Been playing for 10 years.
500 10 Apr '17 Caitlin Carroll Request C or D C Spring 2016 Waltham/Watertown/Boston area
499 06 Apr '17 Leo O'Donnell Request D C Spring 2015 Rockland
Have played in this league for 20 years, mostly in Quincy.
498 06 Feb '17 Bryan Purcell Request D C in Haverhill Dart A couple years ago. Lowell area
I will always show up and give it my best to compete. I love playing darts.
496 02 Feb '17 Tim Feeney Request A or B A Fall 2016 before that 2012 Arlington/Cambridge/Winchester/Woburn
495 31 Jan '17 Karen Malta Request New player     Everett Malden Medford area.
Did play few years ago with Minuteman for phys eds in Malden. Looking for Spring 2017.
494 27 Jan '17 Anthony Colangelo Request D D (GLDL) 2012 Salem, North Shore
491 13 Jan '17 Dave Atkinson Request A or B A Fall 2016 Beverly/Peabody/Danvers
Hoping to find something new for the spring since our team disbanded.
489 09 Jan '17 Scott Ammidown Request New player     Bellingham/Franklin area
488 09 Jan '17 Seth Sienkiewicz Request New player     Franklin
I would like to play in the spring league. Also I would like to be teamed with Scott Ammidown.
487 04 Jan '17 Chuck Greenhalge Request New player   1996 North Attleboro/Attleboro/Foxb
I used to play pick up games when I lived in North Carolina and I'm looking for a fun recreational type team here in MA. Got a new set of 20 oz. darts for Christmas and I'm ready to play!
486 28 Dec '16 Peter Wilson Request D maybe C B back in the day Haven't played in years Plymouth
Just getting back into it.
484 03 Sep '16 Kevin Mercer Request B or C   Cape Cod Spring 14/15 A Divisi Pembroke
483 30 Aug '16 Joe Murphy Request C Central C Spring 2016 Franklin/Walpole/Wrentham/Foxb
The team I played on in the spring dissolved.
482 17 Aug '16 Mitchell Wachtel Request       Medford or Somerville
Played a lot 20 years ago. Just started playing again and looking to join a team.
481 14 Aug '16 Ricky Salano Request D or E E   North Shore
I am reliable and like to shoot and can drive to away matches.
479 08 Aug '16 Kimberly Van Wert Request   E Spring 2013 Quincy south shore area
474 06 Jul '16 Jessica Dreyer Request A B or C A Spring 2015 Salem
Played out of the Westender in Marlboro MA and moved to Salem MA.
471 25 Apr '16 Paul Moran Request B or C or D C 2001 Middleboro/Southeastern MA are
Played out of Buck Mulligans in West Roxbury for 10 years A/B/C and D divisions and several different teams in summer league.
470 11 Apr '16 Dan Lourinia Request C or D C Spring 2012 Whitman/South Shore
469 31 Mar '16 Michael Killilea Jr. Request C     Quincy/greater Boston area/sou
Living in Quincy and have a decent amount of shooting experience. Looking for anywhere nearby to play on a team with friendly but competitive players.
468 23 Jan '16 Richard Derouchey Request     2011 Worcester area
Last played in competitive league in Vermont. Haven't played competitively in some time and would like to again.
464 30 Dec '15 Jim Tucci Request   D 2010 Billerica
Looking for a team. I like to compete, but just want to throw dart with no drama.
463 28 Dec '15 John McMahon Request New player     Billerica/Tewksbury/Lowell/Wob
Looking to join a league and or start a league if we can get enough players in the Billerica Area.
461 20 Dec '15 Kris Zaiatz Request C or D or E D 2015 TK O'Shea's South Shore/North of Plymouth
I'm not interested in playing at TK's. Willing to Captain new team at the right location.
459 09 Dec '15 Rachel McGovern Request C or D New   Stoughton
Will travel surrounding area. Looking to play on a fun team with draftee Goss.
458 25 Nov '15 Louis Ottaviani III Request C or D B 2013 Norwood/Walpole
Recently moved to Norwood and want to get on a team. Last played in Div B looking for a more recreational team.
457 11 Nov '15 Kristen Harrington Request Any   played 2013 in New York Boston JP/ Mission Hill/ Brook
Played on a competitive 6 month a year league for 6 years. Looking for a local team to join and start shooting again.
456 05 Nov '15 Dan Macdonald Request   C ~2005 Somerville
I would like to play again in the same area.
455 13 Oct '15 Dan Giusti Request B or C B2 2013 West Roxbury/Dedham
I would love to be on a team.
452 04 Oct '15 Jay Valof Request New player     Medway/Milford/Ashland/Belling