Minuteman Player Draft

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Once the player is drafted to a new team, the player is responsible for notifying MMDL at draft@mmdl.org that they have been drafted and their information will be removed from this page. This is very important for helping keep the list up to date and preventing multiple contacts from interested teams.  Names will be removed after two full seasons to keep the list up to date. If you have not been drafted and wish your name to remain active on the draft list please resubmit your infomation.

Current Draft List

ID Date Name Email/Phone Req. Div. Last Div. Last Season Req. Home
539 20 Dec '17 Ken Hernandez Request C A Fall 2017 Walpole, Foxboro area(s)
Played in MMDL 1992 to 2011, PDL 2011 to current. Captained last 7 seasons, very reliable.
530 10 Oct '17 Steve Latulippe Request C Have won div. b in P spring 2016 N. Attle, Foxb, Plainville, Attle, Bell'ham, Wrenth, Frankll
Prefer to stick around I95-I495 south area but will travel most weeks, have captained, can compete in B.
522 03 Sep '17 Kyle alexander Request   E 2016 South shore
From fallriver but willing to travel to play and very reliable
521 30 Aug '17 Christian Marquez Request E   2017 Allston
I have been playing darts since the age of 4, but have never played on a team. I would like to start this season to play darts on a more regular basis.
519 27 Aug '17 Michael Andrews Request       Plymouth
Played C division while in college in Boston/Cambridge area in late '70s. Not sure what division I'd fall into today.
517 25 Aug '17 Scott McGrane Request C   2010 Medway and surrounding towns
Played for years in Boston (1980's, 90's) up to Boston "B" League Champs. Played out of Beckett's in Walpole in 2010, but didn't really work. Looking to join a team a little closer if possible.
514 15 Aug '17 Dan Stewart Request New Player     Around Natick / Metro West
Been playing darts for many years but looking to join my first league.
507 10 Jul '17 James Davis Request C or above B (MA) B (NH) Spring 2017 Boston Area (Melrose, Medford, Methuen, Malden, etc.)
Prefer to be on the same team for transportation purposes with my wife as we reside in NH. Player 506
506 10 Jul '17 Tammi Smith-Davis Request C or above B (MA) A (NH) Winter 2016 Boston Area (Melrose, Medford, Methuen, Malden, etc.)
Prefer to be on the same team for transportation purposes with my husband as we reside in NH. Player 507
503 11 May '17 Stephanie Dant Request New player Bay Ridge DL (NY) Spring 2017 Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Arlington
500 10 Apr '17 Caitlin Carroll Request C or D C Spring 2016 Waltham/Watertown/Boston area
498 06 Feb '17 Bryan Purcell Request D C in Haverhill Dart A couple years ago. Lowell area
I will always show up and give it my best to compete. I love playing darts.
495 31 Jan '17 Karen Malta Request New player     Everett Malden Medford area.
Did play few years ago with Minuteman for phys eds in Malden. Looking for Spring 2017.
494 27 Jan '17 Anthony Colangelo Request D D (GLDL) 2012 Salem, North Shore