ID Date Name Email/Phone Req. Div. Last Div. Last Season Req. Home
1300 14 Jun '24 Al Cee Request D D New to league Plymouth
1299 11 Jun '24 Connor Sharpe Request New Player     Boston
Never played in a league but played a bunch at home. Have been known to clean up at Biddy Early’s on occasion. Boston area
1291 08 Jun '24 Chris Buffa Request D D D Kingston
1289 29 May '24 Chris Doyle Request C B Fall 2023 Marlborough
1287 28 May '24 Jacob lippman Request New Player     Revere
Would love to find a team and start playing competitively and improve my skill set and checkout efficiency and have a good time with others who love darts
1286 18 May '24 Gary Hodgetts Request C B 2024 Auburn/Worcester area
Moving to Auburn in June. Had been playing in Everett (Boston League) for last few years. Willing to drive around 30-40 mins.
1284 29 Apr '24 Peter Lamenzo Request C B 2024 Greater Boston
1283 18 Apr '24 John ioannou Request       Boston
1281 13 Apr '24 Parker Lord Request C Greater San Diego Da 2014 North Shore, Reading, North Reading, etc
1280 03 Apr '24 Erik Filipe Request C B 2022 Coops Misfits B Division Marshfield
1279 28 Mar '24 Greg Brachna Request New Player N/A N/A Central division (Medfield area)
Still a rookie but love darts! Would like to be as close to Medfield area as possible (within 40 minute drive for majority of matches).
1272 14 Mar '24 Todd Belvin Request New Player     Easton
1270 28 Feb '24 Bryan Request C B 2024 in house league. Woburn
1269 22 Feb '24 Tom Keough Request C   Never Boston
Single player, here to drink beers and throw some darts on weekday nights, personality hire dart player
1268 20 Feb '24 Paul Pintio Request D   LOD post 45 Medford Dont matter
Last season had heart attack in December Dr gave ok to llay Darts
1262 29 Jan '24 Matt Jacobs Request A A 2023 Waltham
Played Greater Lowell/Mill City for 20+ yrs
1261 27 Jan '24 Brent Davis Request New Player     Foxboro/Franklin/Milford
Played drop-in 501 years ago
1260 26 Jan '24 Jason L Carroll Request New Player   2015 Chelmsford
1258 23 Jan '24 Bertrand Request New Player     Boston downtown
Let make a new team. All level accepted... you always can learn from others
1257 21 Jan '24 James Coppinger Request C     Framingham
Fresh meat . I play well and could be C or B . Start at C and work my way up . Framingham Ashland area plz
1255 19 Jan '24 Michael F Waters Request New Player     Salem
1254 13 Jan '24 Connor o neill Request New Player      
Played for a team years ago. I play daily .
1253 13 Jan '24 Christian Francis BUZDEREWICZ Request New Player     North reading
Have played darts for PPC in Chelsea. Haven't played on house team in years play daily
1252 08 Jan '24 Ed Varmette Sr. Request D D Fall 2023 Plymouth/Wareham
Will play in C or D
1250 06 Jan '24 Rich “Doctah” Kendall Request A B Fall 23 North Shore
I’ve been playing in the MMDL since 1983 from “C” to “SA.” Biggest thing to know, I show up every week. Thanks. Doctah
1248 06 Jan '24 Michael Leary Leary Request C B Spring B 2022 Quincy
Captained a state runner-up team. I make every team I’ve ever played on more competitive.
1247 04 Jan '24 Chris Request D     Norfolk
looking to get back into darts after having played a bit in my younger days
1246 02 Jan '24 Garrett S Hill Request C C 2023 South Weymouth
Team recently folded, interested in Weymouth / Abington area.
1243 30 Dec '23 Joseph D Fritz Request C South shore C 2021 winter Quincy
Stopped playing because of Covid and now I’d like to try and get back into it again. I got as Hi, as a B level
1238 22 Dec '23 Melissa Gleick Request C C Fall 2022 Central mass
Looking to move into another division now that I have more experience. :)
1237 21 Dec '23 Richard Morris Request D B 2023 Walpole mass
1235 20 Dec '23 Lindsay Request C C Fall 2023 South Shore/Braintree
I've played in Boston for the past 10 years. Looking for a team on the south shore. I've played mostly in B and C.
1231 18 Dec '23 John Request C C Spring 2023 Norfolk
prefer to play around the central division, but could travel if it's not too far.
1217 28 Nov '23 KENNTH FRENCH Request C SA 199 NORTHSHORE
1215 28 Nov '23 Mike Doug Request C b 1 south shore weymouth abington, quincy
B player getting to A hopefully competitive person but also would love to be on a team that love to have fun. " I here to chew bubblegum and kick.. !
1214 27 Nov '23 Mario Sousa Request D C 2010 Ayer
1209 26 Nov '23 Manny Request New Player     Boston
Beginner, have only played recreationally but would love to play in a league
1207 24 Nov '23 Robin Sheridan Request D A 1994 Hanson
Really ready to get back to my level of play. Will be around Luck of the Draws over the Winter. I hope to be picked up for Spring. I am a focused player. Ty
1206 21 Nov '23 Willie Quan Request E C 2019 Quincy, Braintree or Randolph
girlfriend and I wants to join a league in Quincy, Braintree, or Randolph area. D or E league
1203 11 Nov '23 Joshua Rosen Request New Player C (in NYC) 2022 Brighton
Played on and off most summers, won the C league in NYC (lowest league there). A little rusty but would love to join a team out here and get back into it.
1202 05 Nov '23 Dave McCormick Request D   2004 Leominster
Haven't played in a while, moved out West where they only play Soft Tip, but i have practiced since I moved back home
1199 18 Oct '23 JJ Doucet Request New Player     New Bedford Area
There are two of us looking to join a team near New Bedford area. It been a while since I play but I can pick it up again real fast. I’m a competitive person but also would love to be on a team that love to have fun.
1198 15 Oct '23 Andy Rund Request C B 2003 Ashland
From Ashland looking to play again a surrounding town could work. I play ti win but want to be in a laid back team. If I can't breath loud or appropriately talk during your match I'm not the teammate for you.
1197 06 Oct '23 Kenneth Rodriques Request C C 1982 Humarock
South shore. Marshfield
1196 01 Oct '23 Andrew Green Request New Player N/A N/A Waltham
Have played at home and online for a bit. Looking to join a team nearby Waltham.
1189 29 Sep '23 Armen Request New Player     Watertown
1188 28 Sep '23 Matthew Applin Request New Player     Lynn
New player looking to join a team
1187 19 Sep '23 Thomas deisley Request C   2016 PEABODY
1185 13 Sep '23 Trevor Tayler Request D D 2023 Lynn
1179 07 Sep '23 Paul liaknickas Request C Minuteman man in 201 2015 Norwood area
It’s been a while since I played but I guarantee I can ge5 right back on the bike.
1175 04 Sep '23 James Fredette Request C B 2018 Bridgewater ma
We have 2 people who would like to join a team
1165 23 Aug '23 Peter K Request D     Boston
1164 22 Aug '23 Dana Request C B Spring 2023  
Most recent team in Central couldn't find enough players and is of no longer. Looking to join a B division team in either Central or South Shore.
1160 18 Aug '23 Leona Layhe Request D     Rowley
1157 13 Aug '23 Douglas Kronberg Request C B Last season Woonsocket
Team broke up looking for a new fun team.played A,B,C.
1150 09 Aug '23 Richard Morris Request D D 2018 Canton
1146 03 Aug '23 Alan Shapiro Request D C 2002 Mansfield
Long time captain of the corkers from Canton. Looking to get back into it
1145 03 Aug '23 Mark Younker Request D Boston central .Zeke 2023 spring Lowel or surroundings!
love to play darts!
1135 19 Jul '23 Joe T Request C B 2022 Waltham
New to Mass. Long time NYC player looking for a team in the Waltham area.
1133 13 Jul '23 Edward Daley Request C     Peabody or Middleton
Used to play in league in Florida but not here.