ID Date Name Email/Phone Req. Div. Last Div. Last Season Req. Home
1029 16 Sep '22 Ryan Blanchard Request C C 2019 Beverly
I played 2 seasons out of the Beverly Franco on Waffle's team. One year we were in B division and one year we were in C division. I subbed on Brian Barrett's team in Gloucester in A when I first started around 2018 or so. I had a baby in 2021 and with covid i thought it best to take a break, but Im Looking to get back into it either in B or C division to start again. Preferebly I'd like to play o
1026 12 Sep '22 Ben Draper Request D C FALL 2021 Fairhaven
Open for d or c league.
1024 09 Sep '22 Osman Somer Request     2012 Quincy
Looking forward to start playing again. Played 3-4 years in multiple leagues in Turkey. Living in Quincy but can drive up to 15-20 miles. Thanks for considering.
1023 08 Sep '22 shawn kemp Request C Not sure A few years South shore
Looking to get back into it either c/b would be great living in weymouth now
1022 07 Sep '22 Tony Fagundes Request   D 2018 Brockton
Looking for a night out n some fun. Non drinker. Have the time to play again.
1020 30 Aug '22 Kevin Altig Request C C 2022 Weymouth area
Played as high as B with guys that are now in Super A and as low as D to play with my friends. Rusty but will be a competitor and love being part of a team
1019 28 Aug '22 Terrance James Harvey Request New Player     Wyoming, Michigan
1018 27 Aug '22 Chris Austin Request D d 2015 Foxborough
I've only been in league play 1 year but I went 11-5 in 301. I'm open to travel as well. looking to get back to the competitive scene.
1016 22 Aug '22 Alex Harwin Request C E 2015 Boston
Hi I played 2 seasons with an E level team out of Medford many years ago. I'm interested in starting again. I'd be happy to throw with someone as a tryout - the E level was only because it was my first season. I could throw with the higher level teams while we were waiting for our match to start.
1014 18 Aug '22 Zack Request New Player     Plymouth County
New player with no friends interested in darts, looking for anyone to practice with and hopefully have a team for Fall 2022, dedicated to improving my skills and having fun!
1013 12 Aug '22 Calder Request D C 2008 Hull
Weymouth area
1012 06 Aug '22 Tom Malcolm Request D     Holliston/Hopkinton
1009 01 Aug '22 Jeff Macdonald Request New Player     Ayer
Played in a league in college, in the 90's.
1006 28 Jul '22 thomas d faulkner Request       plymouth
1005 28 Jul '22 stephanie roberts-pedotti Request D D Spring 2022 South shore
Was co captain of the circus
1004 27 Jul '22 Joey fuller Request C B B Hanover Brockton Quincy area
Will play A Or B
999 23 Jul '22 Pat Riley Request New Player     Central (I live in Concord but anything in this general area
I've been playing recreationally for years, but looking to play more regularly with some great, fun players!
996 02 Jul '22 Kristen Harrington Request New Player   2013 Milford or central area
Played for many years on bar teams in NY. Looking to get back out and play more
993 24 Jun '22 Jared Hebert Request New Player     Lowell
I play a lot by myself and online, but looking to make the jump to playing in person. I'm a good shot but no in person experience
990 27 May '22 Greg Request C B B/A South shore
Decent shot. Looking to play summer league only.
988 26 May '22 Spencer Baxter Request New Player   N/A BOSTON
Based in Boston South End and am a beginner looking to play more competitively!
987 23 May '22 Mike Oakes Request C D 2022 Attleboro
I have played serval years in NJ, league is ABCD. My 3 dart avg is 50.04
985 19 May '22 Joe Request New Player     Lakeville
Looking for something in my area. (South Coast)
984 19 May '22 Tommy Dowd Request C N/A N/a Boston
Weekly player at town club! Not sure of level but I’m not bad!
955 25 Feb '22 Pete Request New Player     Newton area
952 11 Feb '22 Kenn Brown Request C     Somerville/Cambridge/Allston
Looking for a regular darts habit. I'm a good shot, but I've never played in a league so it's unclear how i stack up in that regard.
951 09 Feb '22 Jacob Russell Request New Player     Danvers ma
Just stumbled onto the site and would love to play
950 09 Feb '22 Alexander Frey Request New Player     Fenway
1 year of casual competitive play
946 03 Feb '22 Paul Request C A 2018 Boston
I have been in Boston league for a long time
945 26 Jan '22 Kevin O'Brien Request New Player     Boston/Somerville
Decent home player, been playing for about 2 years. Average around 45-50. Would love the chance to play in my first league!
944 25 Jan '22 Joseph Grzelak Request New Player   2018 Sharon
I participated in a league in college (not MMDL) and had a blast playing. I play occasionally now but would love to play more. Looking to join a fun group and improve my game/play more frequently!
943 24 Jan '22 William T Turman Request New Player     Boston
I moved to Boston from Nevada last year and haven't played darts competitively. I'm a decent recreational shooter and am looking forward to meeting people and improving via competition.
942 19 Jan '22 Michael Welch Request New Player     Franklin
941 17 Jan '22 Marc Giguere Request New Player     Foxboro, MA
I'm a novice.
939 16 Jan '22 Lisa Request New Player     Somerville
Have played from time to time and enjoyed it. Looking to join a league to improve my shot and play more often.
938 14 Jan '22 Derrick Rodgers Request New Player None None Boston/Waltham
Decent home player. Would be super happy to finally join a league. PA - 45 Total 180s - 3
934 09 Jan '22 Lindsay Blake Request New Player     Boston
932 05 Jan '22 paul foglia Request C C 1990 Beverly
931 03 Jan '22 Michael Daley Request C C Spring 2014 Taunton
I could also do B division.
930 01 Jan '22 George Mcphee Request New Player B 2017 North Andover
925 19 Dec '21 Lindsey Polizzotti Request SA     Swampscott or Salem
Would like to join a beginner team along with my husband Brian Polizzotti. We are both beginners
923 12 Dec '21 Richard Morris Request D   2015 Canton Massachusetts