Minuteman Player Draft

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Once the player is drafted to a new team, the player is responsible for notifying MMDL at draft@mmdl.org that they have been drafted and their information will be removed from this page. This is very important for helping keep the list up to date and preventing multiple contacts from interested teams.  Names will be removed after two full seasons to keep the list up to date. If you have not been drafted and wish your name to remain active on the draft list please resubmit your infomation.

Current Draft List

ID Date Name Email/Phone Req. Div. Last Div. Last Season Req. Home
652 30 Oct '18 Dana B Request C     Anywhere in Boston
Most likely C or D
650 26 Oct '18 Kevin O'Meara Request New Player     Plymouth
I know how to play. Not professionally though. I've never played as part of a team before.
648 23 Oct '18 Joe Puleo Request C B 1998 Peabody
Looking for a team in the Peabody area.
647 23 Oct '18 William Curran Request New Player     Raynham area
Been playing friends for a while but Looking to take the next step and have some fun.
646 19 Oct '18 Michael Wainwright Request New Player     Millis area
New player looking to hook up with a team, Natick, Milford, Franklin Wrentham areas
636 24 Sep '18 James Cotter Request D C   Weymouth
I can play and hang in higher divisions although I’ve yet to test the waters of A and Super A. Ive put in some work on my game recently and would play anywhere B, C, D, or E. I have experience captaining and have played since 2009.
632 13 Sep '18 Sharon Moriarty Request C     Quincy
630 10 Sep '18 Peter Smith Request New Player     Quincy
Never played in a league before. Would like to join a team in the south shore area
629 10 Sep '18 Ken Silva Request C     Acton
I am looking for Maynard, Hudson, Framingham area. Thanks!
624 03 Sep '18 Christopher Carfagna Request D   Spring 2018 Boston D3
Current team folded. Looking to continue playing every week
619 22 Aug '18 Fred morreale Request A A 2015 Central
618 22 Aug '18 Marcus Ciardiello Request New Player     Beverly MA
been playing darts at home for several years, never played in a league before. looking to join a team near beverly ma
617 17 Aug '18 Paul Sullivan Request D C Fall 2017 Quincy
615 12 Aug '18 Jimmy Cotter Request C C Spring 16/ C Division South Shore
Been playing in the leagues since Summer of 09. I am willing to play D or E Division to help a team but prefer to play UP. I am in Weymouth. Closer the better.
611 05 Aug '18 Dave Linehan Request SA NS SA Spring 2018 Waltham-Greater Boston
I've been playing competitively for 10 seasons.
608 29 Jul '18 Adam N Waitt Request A B Spring 2018 Brighton/Allston
A or B, C if I have to. Boston, I am in Oak Square
604 23 Jul '18 scott carter Request C B Spring 2018 Brockton, Avon
Past Seasons - Engine One (B2) south shore. Can play either B or C
593 07 Jul '18 William David Smith Request C   2001 NORWOOD
Played for Several Years 1994 - 2001, From J to A Divisions. Like to get back in around C.
588 28 Jun '18 Darin J. Alicudo Request C D 2017 North Shore
585 07 Jun '18 John Carpin Request C B & C 2017 South Shore/Braintree
Past teams- Time For A Broad (C2) Boston. Biddy Bombers (B1) Boston
580 18 May '18 Gretchen Curtis] Request New Player     North Andover
I have never played darts before, but I'd like to learn. Are there any teams in the North region that might need an extra player?
578 15 May '18 Kyle k hochstin Request C   B Plymouth
Can play C / B / a decent A shooter, will not loose consistently in A Will travel.
577 10 May '18 Mike Miller Request C C2 Fall 2015 Melrose, Malden, Everett, Saugus
There are 2 Mike Millers on the registry, I am the good one.
574 14 Apr '18 neil horner Request C B div with CCDL spring 2018 south
I play on a b team with the CCDL so either c or b will work.I live on the Cape so need a south based team
567 08 Mar '18 Peter Smith Request New Player     Quincy
565 03 Mar '18 Daniel A. Serig Request C     Jamaica Plain
561 19 Feb '18 Paul Lawton Request New Player     Abington area
558 16 Feb '18 David Colvin Request   SSD1   Saugus/Lynn
557 14 Feb '18 Jeff Rotcavich Request C b 2017 Lynn or north shore cities
551 24 Jan '18 Scott Boyers Request C   2005 MMDL
Played MMDL A-1 2000-2005 Plymouth Live in Shrewsbury..Seeking Metro west area