Minuteman Player Draft

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Once the player is drafted to a new team, the player is responsible for notifying MMDL at draft@mmdl.org that they have been drafted and their information will be removed from this page. This is very important for helping keep the list up to date and preventing multiple contacts from interested teams.  Names will be removed after two full seasons to keep the list up to date. If you have not been drafted and wish your name to remain active on the draft list please resubmit your infomation.

Current Draft List

ID Date Name Email/Phone Req. Div. Last Div. Last Season Req. Home
770 17 Oct '19 Tayber Gadd Request New Player     MERRIMAC
767 30 Sep '19 mike murphy Request E     danvers
765 27 Sep '19 Mike Miraldi Request C A 2015 Foxboro MA Area
I was part of the Foxboro Fish and Game team for multiple years, we played all around Norforlk County MA area. Still play, last on a league team in 2015.
763 20 Sep '19 Garrett gradozzi Request   Bedford Legion 2005 clinton
761 17 Sep '19 cindy Bucknam Request C   2016 lynn,peabody
I have played before many seasons.. i am a great shooter. I do play darts every week in house at st.michaels... i do not care which division i go to...
759 11 Sep '19 Luis Sein Request   B Spring 2019 Boston
I’m a reliable shooter with 5 years of experience have a car willing to travel.
747 13 Aug '19 matthew flaherty Request D   2017  
Rockland to marshfield
746 13 Aug '19 Nikki Request   D 2017 Marshfield
Fell out of the loop and old team is filled
744 08 Aug '19 Joe Puleo Request C B 1998 Haverhill
741 04 Aug '19 Cathy Pellicelli Request D 1996 1996 north shore
I'm from Winthrop. Lynn/Middleton are would be good for me.
737 26 Jul '19 Jeff Rotcavich Request A A Spring 2019 Lynn Peabody. NS
Team broke up. Have another player that may come with me as well.
715 02 Jun '19 Mark Toce Request C C or D 2017 Gloucester
I played in the Elm City Dart League in New Haven CT for one season. Moved to MA recently and looking to join a team.
710 13 May '19 Tim Durkin Request D D 2015 Roslindale - Boston
Played while living in Denver - Looking to get on a team again. Thanks.
700 04 Apr '19 Lisa Cherin Mayer Request New Player     SOMERVILLE
I’ve been playing for about a year. Looking for a team in the Somerville area.
692 06 Mar '19 Zack Berman Request D     Boston
683 07 Feb '19 Nichole Murphy Request D D Fall 2016 Lynn
679 01 Feb '19 Daniel Mclatchy Request D D Played last 3 year's on elite Central
Ill play out of Hudson Marlborough or Maynard. In that area
673 17 Jan '19 paul pinto Request C   2015 Winchendon
In 2015 I was a sub from the grant state dart league it was a A Division team and Won the Champion Ship that year 2015 was last time I played
672 17 Jan '19 Paulette Walker Request New Player     Winchendon
I Just moved From NH and I just want to join a team with my Boy friend
671 13 Jan '19 Noah Kaufman Request New Player     Somerville / Medford / Malden
Been playing friends for a while but want to get more serious about my game while having fun.
669 08 Jan '19 Ed Westhaver Request D B Don't remember Stoneham
I played for a few years on Taranto V out of Buff's Pub in Newton. I worked my way up to B but would like to start at D since I haven't played on a team in a while.