Minuteman Dart League Email List

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What's an E-mail list you ask?
An e-mail list is a convenient way for a group to communicate via e-mail with their constituency, sharing information of all kinds.

How does an e-mail list work?
E-mail lists simply allow you to send a single e-mail to a single address and have that message automatically redistributed to all the members on the list.

Why would I want to subscribe to the MMDL e-mail list?
Almost all important news and updates are distributed directly to members via this device.  People who subscribe are assured of getting the latest details in the most timely fashion.  Information distributed includes new season information, applications deadlines, new program info, event and tournament announcements and even prize giveaways and contests.  We will not sell, trade or rent your email, you will only receive officially sanctioned MMDL news.

What do I need to participate?
All you need is your own active email account.  If you do not have a personal email account, you perhaps have a friend or relative who may allow you to use theirs to receive this information.

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