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Minuteman Dart League FLIGHT SCHOOL

"MMDL Flight School" is a structured program designed to help anyone, from beginners to pros, willing to put in the time to take their dart game to the highest level possible. You'll follow a practice program designed by the legendary George Silberzahn, author of "Mastering the Art of Darts" and "Darts - Beginning to End," and be coached by Frank Smith, longtime MMDL member and multiple Super A State Champion.

Flight School is more than just a set of practice routines, Flight School is customized to the individual, and will help you address your personal dart game, including both the physical and mental aspects of high performance.

Flight School is a "remote" program, meaning you will receive coaching via email, and will be given goals and routines to work on at home at your own pace and fit into whatever time you have available.

Flight School is absolutely FREE.  If you have the time and dedication, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't give the program a try. This program is open to any MMDL player with the desire to improve.

If you would like to join MMDL Flight School, please send an email to Frank Smith at

To visit the Flight School discussion forum and interact with FS administrators and other students, click here.

To visit George Silberzahn's website, How To Darts, click here.