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Cricket Singles Championship Results - January 22, 2011, Framingham Eagles, MA



Runner Up

Additional Results

Gold Cricket Singles

Sean Moran (SS)
Round of Nine
Panda Palace - Weymouth

Tom Curtin (NS)
Suicide 9
The Barn - Amesbury

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Pink Cricket Singles

Holly Carver (NS)
Big Dawgs
Franco American Club - Beverly

Bette Cunningham (C)
Mad Dogs
Madigan's Again - Worcester

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Silver Cricket Singles

Tim Feeney (B)
Honey Fitz - Malden

Frank DeFrancesco (SS)
Tully's Cafe - Quincy

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Purple Cricket Singles

Katie Smith (NS)
Atomic Penguins
Tin Whistle - Salem

Jenny Lynn (C)
Deadly Talons
Marlboro Eagles

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Bronze Cricket Singles

Rich Doherty (B)
Pog Mo Thoin
Honey Fitz - Malden

Tom Saraf, Jr. (B)
Cork and Bulls
West Roxbury Pub

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Open Doubles 501

Tom Sawyer & Tom Curtin

Avery Barry & Jason Demers

Full bracket results

Women's Doubles 501

Bette Cunningham & Patty Walz

Lucky Darts


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