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501 Singles Championship Results - May 19, 2012, Dalton Post, Holbrook, MA



Runner Up

Additional Results

Gold 501 Singles

Steve Maguire (SS)
Abington Polish Club

Joe Efter (C)
Gold Diggers
Tara's Pub - Worcester

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Pink 501 Singles

Tina Proctor (C)
Mad Dogs
Madigan's Again - Worcester

Vicki Briggs (C)
That's a Round
The Lazy Dog - Marlboro

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Silver 501 Singles

Ricky Monzioni (SS)
Cellar Tavern - Abington

Jeff Narciso (SS)
Cellar Tavern - Abington

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Purple 501 Singles

Terry Gargiulo (SS)
What Happened?
D'Ann's Restaurant - Abington

Katie Smith (NS)
Is it in?
Franco American Club - Beverly

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Bronze 501 Singles

Reese Williams (B)
Buddha's Bowlers
Moose Lodge 1910 - Malden

George Lundin (SS)
Average Joes
Slap Shotz - Avon

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Open Doubles Cricket

Tom Curtin & Joe Efter

Avery Barry & Steve Maguire

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Women's Doubles Cricket

Donna Lemieux & Tina Proctor

Nicole Watson & Kirsten McCandless

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