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E-Mailing Match Reports is Now Mandatory for ALL TEAMS!

NOTE: Please remember the following when emailing your match report:

  • Send a NEW EMAIL every week, DO NOT keep adding onto the existing email thread.
  • In the subject line of the email, type your TEAM NAME, WEEK # and FINAL MATCH SCORE
  • ALWAYS keep a hardcopy of the match report on hand as a backup and in case of errors or disputes. 
  • Reports submitted later than Friday 12noon following the match are subject to late penalty point deductions.
  • If your scores are not posted within 48 hours after submission, contact your statistician

Recommended Smartphone App:

If using your smart phone camera, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you download the following app to make sure you can submit a legible image:


When taking the picture, pin the report to the dartboard to use the backboard lighting to ensure a clear, bright image.

Click the image above to download these instructions as a .pdf file.