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501 Singles Championship Results
May 17, 2015 - American Legion Post 440 - Newton, MA

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Runner Up

Full Results

Gold 501 Singles

Tom Curtin (NS)

Mark Cronin (C)

Final Bracket
SA&A Divisions

Silver 501 Singles

Roxanne Desimone (NS)
Matt Marcom (B)

Final Bracket
B&C Divisions

Bronze 501 Singles

Leon Vitale (SS)
Nick Ciccolo (B)

Final Bracket
D&E Divisions

Open Doubles Cricket

Tom Sawyer & Tom Curtin
Joe Efter & Paul Flannery

Final Bracket

Women's Doubles Cricket

Kirsten McCandless & Kim Balcom
Gail Payne & Sharon Morande

Final Bracket

Mixed Doubles

Tom Sawyer & Sally Kelly
Dave Walsh & Kirsten McCandless

Final Bracket


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Carpool bonus! NEW LOWER MINIMUM!
For every 3 players from the same MMDL team that enter together, a 4th player may enter for FREE.

All Bronze, Silver & Gold entrants will win be thown into three Divisional Drawings for a FREE 501 singles entry at the Witch City Open!

All six entries must be for same singles event, limit one board per team. Retail value $69.95.

Women's singles events have now been merged in with all divisions and the Bronze section has been reinstated.

This change has been made based on the attendance patterns of several consecutive events and requests by members for this event to follow the same co-ed integration as league night. If you wish to have dedicated women's events returned to the program, please attend this year's tournament and express your opinions to the tournament organizing staff.