Phil Jackson and John Bullock started playing darts in the Minute Man Dart League from its inception in 1974 and played continuously for 80 seasons of league darts.  In addition to being among the very best players of their generation, each have made numerous contributions to the league throughout their careers as ambassadors of the sport and helped lay the foundation that made the MMDL the world-renowned and respected organization that it is today. We salute these legends of the game without whom the league would never have been the same.

The Minute Man Dart League wants to extend our thanks and gratitude to these outstanding individuals for their loyalty, commitment and service, and hereby dedicate the Spring 2015 season and its championship playoffs in their honor.

About Phil Jackson

Phil was a founding member of the Ballantine Ale League which became the Minute Man Dart League in 1974.  His career accomplishments include:

  • Inducted in the National Darts Hall of Fame - Class of 2015 (nominated by Chris Jensen)
  • Inaugural league MVP
  • Threw a perfect 301 in the first season of league play
  • First ever champion of the league's singles tournament
  • One of a few players to play in a trans-continental match against an England national team facilitated via telephone.
  • Multiple Super A Championships
  • Multiple tournament titles from across the country
  • One of the greatest players to ever play in the MMDL!

About John Bullock

John was a founding member of the Minute Man Dart League and was part of the pioneering team that oversaw MMDL's rise as the world's largest league during the golden era of North American darts. His voice behind the microphone was a staple on the local tournament scene for many years.

  • 1974- 1976- BBC (Bombay Bicycle Club) Holiday Inn, Randolph,MA
  • 1976-1978- Randolph Depot, Randolph, MA
  • 1978-1980- Shannon Pub, Hanover,MA---South Shore Area Champs --A Division
  • 1980-1985- Joseph's Pub, Brockton,MA--four (4) time MMDL A State Champs MMDL at one point 3 in a row
  • 1985-1986-Maple Lounge Brockton,MA
  • 1986-2000- Matt's Villa
  • 1993 MMDL Super A State Champs
  • 2000- MMDL South Shore Area Singles Champ
  • 2000-20014- Rockland Eagles
  • 1982-2001--held the following MMDL positions on the MMDL BOD--- A division Rep, South Shore Area Director, MMDL VP, MMDL President, MMDL Executive Director Director , MMDL Business Administrator,
  • Co-Director of MMDL Tournaments--Firecracker Open,Clipper City Open, Frosty Open, Witch City Open, New England Darts Challenge.


RedEye Rhino is a darts lifestyle and promotion company and the newest MMDL sponsor! This new program is designed to recognize league members who are positive role models in darts, have unrivaled passion for the sport and want to help us promote darts among their fellow players and peers.  Ambassadors will get the red carpet treatment and each receive a special RR Ambassador Jersey, additional RR gear and maybe some surprises!

You don't have to be the best player on the team, you just have to LOVE DARTS...

There are no strict requirements but MMDL's RR Ambassadors embody the following qualities:

  • Is an enthusiastic player whose love of the game is obvious
  • Presents themselves as a positive representative of the sport
  • Plays with great sportsmanship and respect for opponents and the game