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DartConnect Help Page

DartConnect is now MANDATORY for all match scorekeeping 

What does this mean for your team?
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How to do the following in the app:


How to use DartConnect for League Matches:

Tutorial Video:

Learn how to set up and play a league match on DartConnect

Scroll below for more videos on scorekeeping, correcting scores and more.

Team League Instructions

Quick Reference Guide to playing a League match on DartConnect - Click Here to Download

Practice League

Use the Practice League (see picture below) to get comfortable with DartConnect scorekeeping. Play a scrimmage match with your team before the season starts.  The practice league button will be available through the first couple weeks of the season only.

Practice League contains dummy teams and players and statistics will not count towards official league season matches.  The practice league will be available through the first couple weeks of the season only.

General Guidelines for Using DartConnect for MMDL Matches


You can add any missing teams/players directly into the app:

If any issues with your roster (missing or wrong players listed) contact:

Please note the following:

  • Teams are STILL REQUIRED to email the standard match report for each home match.

  • We recommend at least a 10 inch tablet for DartConnect, but the minimum tablet size is 7 inches.  Use DCTV for more scoreboard displays around the room.

  • You should be comfortable with scoring matches with DartConnect BEFORE using it for a league match.  Have you practiced with your team using the practice league feature?

  • If for any reason you can not use the DartConnect app for scoring, continue your match with manual scorekeeping.

  • Be patient with teams and players that are new to DartConnect scorekeeping and help coach others with how to use the app properly.

Troubleshooting Guide:

  • For any technical assistance (creating an account, installing app to your tablet), send an email to

  • How do I open a DartConnect Guest Account?  Start Here

  • How do I download and install the app? Watch this video

  • I registered a guest account and downloaded the app, but I don't see the MMDL button on the league page?  The correct email was probably not provided on your MMDL roster, you can check this with Anna Morretti at

  • When I download the app, all I see is a big white box?  Tap anywhere on the white box to dismiss this message and go to the log in screen.

  • The app won't work on my Kindle?  DartConnect works on Kindle with the Silk browser but they must be the Fire HD model.

  • What tablets do work for DartConnect?  DartConnect is compatible with all Apple (iPad2 and newer), Android (using Chrome or Firefox browsers) and Windows devices (using Chrome or Firefox browsers), including tablets, phones and PCs.  For a list of recommended affordable tablets, click here.

Additional Help & Tips:

Picking the number of legs for each set

Click image to enlarge


  • Selecting # of legs must be done at the start of each new set

  • Select "1 Leg" for Sets that are Best of 1 (501 and Cricket for A-E Divisions)

  • Select "3 Legs" for Sets that are Best of 3 (301 for A-E Divisions and All Sets for Super A)

  • This is important for the final match score to be correct by awarding 1 point per set.

Ending & Saving the Match

Click image to enlarge

  • A 12 point match has been pre-set inside the app for Season Pass and will automatically end after 12 set points are won showing you the screen above.

  • If final score is correct, click "Save Match" or match will save automatically after 90 seconds

  • If final score is INCORRECT, click "Edit Match Score" to adjust final score

  • If your match ends prematurely (such as if you picked the wrong # of legs by mistake)...To continue playing the match, click "Options" in the red control bar before autosave finishes and then "Reset Match Settings" > "Back" > "Next Player Lineup".  To manually end match when finished, click the "Options" menu again.

  • YOU MUST SAVE THE MATCH for the match to close out and the match recap email sent out.  To end and save a match manually, click "Options" in the red control bar and then click the red button labeled "End and Save Match".

  • If you do not have a wifi connection at your venue, the match will sync once a connection is detected (ex: when you arrive home) - do not close the app until match is synced.


Shorthanded Games & Forfeits

Click image to enlarge

  • For shorthanded games, just pick one player for the side that is shorthanded (see above)

  • DartConnect will automatically skip the turn for the shorthanded team

  • The player whose turn it is will appear highlighted at the top of the scoreboard

If a game is not played, such as shorthanded singles 301, select the player that is present, leave the other side blank and press the "Forfeit" button to record the winning point for the correct team.


Adding/Editing Teams or Players

Any and all roster changes are subject to MMDL rules - adding unauthorized players may result in standard league penalties.

* To ADD a team: *

* OR To EDIT a team (i.e. add a player to that team): *

* When adding a NEW TEAM *

* When adding a PLAYER: *



If you are using DartConnect for the playoffs, please note the following:

  • You will see a new Post Season button in the app to access playoff team rosters.  Do not use the regular season button. At the start of each playoff round, make sure you do a "Check for Updates" on the league page to make sure you have the most up to date playoff rosters loaded.

  • For playoffs, in the race to 13, play each match as if it were a regular season match, see below for how to end and save the match early . 

  • When you open up "Select Players" you will now have access to ALL playoff teams that you may face. Tap the home team on left and away team on right as usual. Make sure you have connected to wifi and checked for updates to update the team list.

  • IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR OPPONENT LISTED - tap the gray button "Manage League Rosters", find the team you are playing, tap their name to highlight them red and then press "Continue" at the bottom of the screen.

  • Check Roster info and add any missing players if necessary

  • If there are missing emails for the other team, ask their players, or at least the captain, if they wish to add them to receive match recaps

  • Ending at 13 Points: When a team reaches 13 total points in the second playoff match, manually end the match by tapping "Options" and the red button labeled "End & Save Match".

  • If Overtime is necessary:... Save the match as usual and start a new match (make sure you put the teams on the correct left/right side as previous match).  Continue playing the OT.  To manually end match when finished, click the "Options" menu and the red button "End & Save Match".  DartConnect will merge the separate matches into a single match report.

 If you have any specific questions about using DartConnect, send an email to 

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Why Use DartConnect?

  • User-Friendly, Faster Scorekeeping

  • Eliminates Math Errors

  • Automatic statistics on every game and player

  • Share your matches with the world on DCTV

  • Appear on the new league leaderboard

  • Watch the score from anywhere in the pub on your phone

Download the flyer for program details what you need to do to start using the DC app:
You can start using DartConnect at any point in the season, so get started today!

E-Mail Troubleshooting:

To check if your email address is connected to the League Season Pass: 

If you want to check your DartConnect account and add other email identities go to "My Profile" on the member's website:

 If you have any specific questions about using DartConnect, send an email to 

Do you know how to do the following for an official league match?


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