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Spring 2014 Season

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Lynnway Sports Center, Lynn

Kim Balcom
Pat Boudreau
Mike Cagney
Scott Estle
Oscar Flores
Gary Hewson
Jason Ogasian
Levi Remick
Jim Tranfaglia (C)
[Team Info]

Runner Up:
Meatwhistle (SS) - Abington Polish Club


American Legion Post 65, Dorchester

Dan Howe
Scott Kellaher
Brian Kelly
Terry McSweeney
Billy Moran (C)
 Bernie O'Regan
Kenny O'Regan
Dermot Roache
Gavin Walsh 
[Team Info]

Runner Up:
Donnie & The Coattails (NS) - St. Peters Club, Gloucester


Common Cafe, Waltham

 Paul Duplessis
Paul Finney
Steve Haypenny
Jacob Janson
Dan McCarthy
Kenny Morgan
Alan Scarlett
Gary Terrasi
Mark Toshes
[Team Info]

Runner Up:
Big Boozers (NS) - American Legion Post 6, Lynn


Adams Heights Mens Club, Quincy

 Eric Beatrice
Tim Bright (C)
Mark Conoly
Michael Daley
John O'Connor
Mike O'Connor
Mark Welch
Sean Wood
[Team Info]

Runner Up:
Soak our Corks (B) - St. Marks Post, Dorchester


Zeke's Pub, Everett

 Mike Deveraux
Marc Gagliardi (C)
Tom Golden
Mitch Krasco
Chris Perkins
Dave Rao
Peter Russo
Karl Servideo
Matt Zielinski
[Team Info]

Runner Up:
Snake Eyes (SS) - Paddy Barry's, Quincy


Spruce Street Tavern, Clinton

 Derek Donahue
Steve Donahue
Wendy Donahue
Rob Grant
Diane LeDuc
Kris Leduc (C)
Mike Leduc
RJ Little
John Mazeika
[Team Info]

Runner Up:
Finna's Finest (SS) - Finna's Tavern, Kingston


Division Boston North Shore Central South Shore
Super A K-Mart Special Suicide 9 Tony's Destroyers Meat Whistle
A Wright 9 Donnie & the Coattails Dead Red 3 Dart Night
B Devil's Rejects Big Boozers Back for More Rings of Fire
C Soak our Corks Celly's Celtics Wino's The Heights Boyz
D Zeke's PC Thunderstruck Get Lucky Snake Eyes
E Oprah 94 Irish Mafia It's only a game Finna's Finest

The Playoffs!

Playoff Schedules: Click below to download your area's playoff info/schedule. Please be aware schedules are often revised and updated during the playoffs.  Use the links below to download the most up to date version (see the date code printed on the schedule that indicates the last time it was updated).



Super A Download   If you are having any trouble opening a schedule, try refreshing the browser window.


  • Results will be updated on the schedules as the playoffs proceed.
    Download the schedule from your area to see which teams have advanced

  • Check the date code printed on the schedule to see the last time it was updated

  • If you are unsure of who your playoff opponent is or have any questions about the playoffs, please contact your Area Director listed here.


Boston Download
Central Download
North Shore Download
South Shore Download


  1. PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY: Please remember that all players must have played in a minimum of 3 regular season matches in order to qualify for the playoffs.  Players who have been deemed ineligible by the league will have their names appear in italics on the MMDL Stats Website.  If you have any questions about this policy, please contact your Area Director or the League Commissioner.

  2. Please remember to remind your sponsor about the possibility for Thursday night playoff matches and check their schedule for conflicts with parties or other events.

  3. Winning captains - DON'T FORGET - report playoff match results immediately following your win, call or email your area director as instructed on the playoff schedule sheet.

  4. Driving Directions to Opponent's Sponsor are available from the MMDL Stats Website. Note: May not contain every sponsor, if you don't find yours, try or Google Maps.

  5. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding the playoffs, please contact your Area Director.  ADs are extremely busy during the playoffs and have many other captains to consider, so please be patient and make sure you have all of your information and questions at hand when contacting them. AD contact info is listed on your area playoff schedule or click here.

  6. Playoff Results will be reported after each round is completed on the MMDL website - see above.

  7. TIP: For a match report, since these are not mailed into the league, you may use an extra blank regular season match report (separate the three carbons so you have three copies to use), or just a blank piece of paper.  To download a blank match report, click here.
Regular Season


Match Schedules:

Area Schedule Area Director email Phone
Kim Burdulis 978-882-3121
Becky Wainwright 978-882-3119

Central Area Captains:
Please contact your division rep listed on the outside of your captain's kit for all issues

North Shore DOWNLOAD
Donna Millett 978-882-2634
South Shore DOWNLOAD
Chris Ryan 978-882-3117

Summer League Info

MMDL does not run a summer season for darts, but there are some options for players that want to continue competing between the Spring and Fall seasons.  See below for information we have on available summer leagues for MMDL players.

Please send any information on other summer league options to

> Boston Area: Commonwealth Dart League:
See the new CDL league website - CLICK HERE  Team Sponsor Fee: $150
First Captain's meeting: Wednesday, April 30th 6:30-8:30pm George Dilboy Post No. 529, 371 Summer Street Somerville, MA 02144 (Bring check and completed roster)
Second Captain's Meeting: Wednesday, May 14th, 6:30-8:30pm, George Dilboy Post No. 529, 371 Summer Street Somerville, MA 02144  (Receive board, schedule, and report sheets)

CDL Captains are HIGHLY encouraged to sign up online before April 30th. (Captains that complete registration online will not need to come to the first meeting.):

> SS: South Shore Darting Association (SSDA) - Serving the South Shore area of MA.
1st Captain's meeting - Wed, May 7 **$100 cash/check to SSDA must accompany roster at 1st meeting.
2nd Captain's meeting - Wed., May 28

Both meetings held at Abington Polish Club, 55 Wales St Abington.
For more information, contact Chris Ryan at or 781-718-3008.

Submitting Match Reports via Email

Help us speed up match score reporting!  Are you interested in submitting match reports via email?  Click here for more information.

Important update to Match Report Instructions

If you are Shorthanded or Missing Players: In instances where you are short handed, do not leave player names blank, instead write "NP" or "No Player" in the player name field. If a players name is filled in but the player did not actually play in that game, strike a line through that player's name.

Please download a new copy of the Match Report Instructions which reflect this update - see item 15 on the instructions sheet and the illustrated example on the reverse side.

Roster Changes

In the event you need to make a change to your team's player roster, please make sure you read and understand the MMDL's roster change policy.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in penatly points to any match score where unapproved players participated.

Click here to download this as .pdf document that you can print and have on hand at your matches for reference.

501 Doubles / Double-In, Double-Out / Single Leg

1. 501 Game One Away for Cork first (not choice) - Away Team Chalks
2. 501 Game Two Home for Cork first (not choice) - Home Team Chalks
3. 501 Game Three Away for Cork first (not choice) - Away Team Chalks

Cricket Doubles / Single Leg (Best of Three in Super A Division Only)

4. Cricket Game One Home for Cork first (not choice) - Home Team Chalks
5. Cricket Game Two Away for Cork first (not choice) - Away Team Chalks
6. Cricket Game Three Home for Cork first (not choice) - Home Team Chalks

301 Singles / Double-In, Double-Out / Best of Three
(Loser of first leg starts second leg, winner of first leg has choice for cork to start third leg, if necessary)

7. 301 Game One Away to Start w/shoot for Double-On - Away Team Chalks
8. 301 Game Two Home to start w/shoot for Double-On - Home Team Chalks
9. 301 Game Three Away to start w/shoot for Double-On - Away Team Chalks
10. 301 Game Four Home to start w/shoot for Double-On - Home Team Chalks
11. 301 Game Five Away to start w/shoot for Double-On - Away Team Chalks
12. 301 Game Six Home to start. w/shoot for Double-On - Home Team Chalks

Every week of the regular season, Dart World will also be awarding a FREE set of their best selling Piranha Darts to the player in A&B divisions and the player in C-E divisions that earn the top high-out all star achievement.  See below for a list of winners.


Fall 2013 Piranha High Out Winners

Winners - to claim your prize, please send an email to with your choice of darts and a valid US shipping address.  Click here to see the full range of Piranha darts.

Also, once your receive your prize, PLEASE email us a picture of yourself and your new darts for posting on our website and Facebook page!

Wk 1:
A-B: 152, Cent B1, Jay Quinn Nuts & Bolts
C-E: 134, Bos C1, Shelly Pasco Cellar Dwellers

Wk 2:
A-B: 148, Bos A2 Kevin Smith Another Tuesday
C-E: 124, NS D4, Kevin Hart Shootin' Blanks

Wk 3:
A-B: No Winner
C-E: 150, Bos D4, Deb Arsenault Rented Mules

Wk 4:
A-B: 130, NS A1, Chuck O'Neil Jr, Oink Oink
C-E: 127, BOS C3, Matt McDonald, Sound FX

Wk 5:
A-B: 125, SS A2 , Daniel Khang, YAAAY!!!
C-E: 132, BOS C4 , John Cronin, Medford Elks

Wk 6:
A-B: No Winner
C-E: 144, NS D2, Shawn O'Donnell, Straight Jackets

Wk 7:
A-B: 130, SS A2, David Khang, YAAAYY!!!
C-E: 161, SS D1, Chris Dodd, The Dart Foundation

Wk 8:
A-B: 154, CENT B2, Paul Kampersal, Triple Bull
C-E: 129, SS D4, Steve Adamo, TKO's

Wk 9:
A-B 160, SS B1, Derek Higgins, Bucking Bulls
C-E 152, NS D3, Mike Goodwin, Maulers

Wk 10:
A-B 150, NS A2, Rob Parrinello, Sandbaggers
C-E 132, BOS D1, Jimmy Whitson, Corks and Busts

Wk 11:
A-B: 170, SS A1, Kyle Hochstin, Nightmare
C-E: 156, NS C1, Gino Asci, King's Men

Wk 12:
A-B: 128, SS A1, Mike Pasquale, Trips 2 Win
C-E: 136, BOS E2, Bob Ponte, River Rats

Wk 13:
A-B: 170, BOS A1, Anthony Joyce, Just the Tip
C-E: No Winner

Wk 14:
A-B: 157, NS A2, Mike Weeks, Fulla Bull
C-E: 142, SS D4, Dan Abate, DILLIGAF


Start time is 7:30pm!

Start time for ALL DIVISIONS is 7:30pm. Late starts could lead to point deductions. If you are running late, you are advised to give the other captain a courtesy phone call with an estimated time of arrival or for scheduling a makeup match. There are no forfeits - teams that "no-show" will be suspended for 2 seasons. Please read through the guidelines posted in our discussion forums regarding match start time.   They are posted there to encourage your feedback.

Click here to download these guidelines as an acrobat .pdf document.

Reminder - Player Minimums

The minimum number of matches that a player must play in order to be eligible for the playoffs is three (3). The minimum number of players required to play a match is three (3).

MMDL Stat Site for Weekly Standings

For weekly standings, team roster info and links to sponsors and driving directions, go directly to the Minuteman stats site:

To view roster information and personal statistics, you must first create an account on the system (click the link for "create an account"). Once you have created an account, you MUST send an email with your username to MMDL Board Member, Dan Doherty (, to have your new account connected to your statistics. You may also contact Dan if you need assistance creating your account.

Blank Match Report

To download a blank match report, click here.  If needed, print three copies of this form for a match. Each captain needs one and the other is sent to the league.

NOTE: Please DO NOT use old return envelopes from previous seasons - USE ONLY the envelopes provided to you in this season's captain's kit. The league has changed Post Office Boxes recently and old envelopes will not be delivered which will result in penalty points for your team. Make sure your match reports are sent to the following addresses, depending on your area:The addresses to send a completed match report to the MMDL is:

North Shore and Boston Areas:
PO Box 2165
Danvers, MA 01923-5165

South Shore and Central Areas:
PO Box 30
Marlborough, MA 01752

Are you interested in submitting match reports via email?  Click here for more information.


Scorekeeper's 10 Commandments

Keeping score is very important to the smooth running of a dart match.  To download our list of guidelines for proper scorekeeping, click here.


Helpful Info, Forms
& Documents:

Match Report - How to send in via Email

Weekly Standings

Player Notables

League Rules

Roster Change Policy

Blank Match Report

Match Report Instructions

Match Start Time Guidelines

Order of Play and Scorekeeping

Scorekeeper's Ten Commandments


Season Sign Up Info

The Spring 2014 Season will begin the first week of February!  
Rosters must be turned in at your area's first captain's meeting -- see the meeting schedule below.

The Minute Man Dart League is pleased to invite all teams and sponsors to participate in the upcoming season. Good luck to all competitors!

* For convenience, the PDF form is designed to be filled out right on your computer with your keyboard. Click on the fields with your mouse to fill out your information, and you can switch to the next field by pressing the "tab" key. You may then save the document to your computer (please use "save as" and add your team name to the file name) You can then print the form out to bring to the captain's meeting. We strongly encourage use of this method to avoid unclear handwriting and so you can retain a digital copy on your computer.

- Captain's Meeting Schedule -
Click meeting location name for maps and driving directions


First Captain's Meeting:
NS & SS MANDATORY ATTENDANCE for AD elections.  Please be on time for important league announcements before dropping off rosters and checks.

Second Captain's Meeting:
For picking up Capt's Kits, including schedules, match reports, envelopes, etc., and for receiving last minute Area Director's announcements and instructions.


Area Director:
Kim Burdulis or 978-882-3121

First Meeting
THU 01/02/14
MERRITT CLUB - 617-884-9668
101 Webster Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150
Doors Open: 7:30pm

Second Meeting
WED 01/29/14
FRENCH CLUB - 617-884-9721
242 Spencer, Chelsea, MA 02150
Doors Open: 7:30pm
Luck of the Draw to follow 2nd meeting.

$$$ MMDL is adding
$100 to the LOD payout


Area Director:
Donna Millett or 978-882-2634

First Meeting
MON 12/30/13
ELKS CLUB - 978-922-9608
39 Bow Street
Beverly, MA 01915
Mtg Start Time: 7:30pm

Second Meeting
WED 01/29/14
Same Time and Place
Luck of the Draw to follow 2nd meeting.

$$$ MMDL is adding
$100 to the LOD payout


Area Director:
Becky Wainwright or 978-882-3119

First Meeting
THURS 01/02/14
MARLBORO EAGLES - 508-485-9738
56 Florence St
Marlboro, MA 01752
Mtg Start Time: 7:00pm

Second Meeting
THURS 01/30/14
FRAMINGHAM EAGLES - 508-875-9071
55 Park Street
Framingham, MA 01702
Mtg Start Time: 7:00pm
Luck of the Draw to follow 2nd meeting.

$$$ MMDL is adding
$100 to the LOD payout


Area Director:
Chris Ryan or 978-882-3117

First Meeting
MON 12/30/13

POLISH CLUB - 781-878-9822
55 Wales Street
Abington, MA 02351
Mtg Start Time: 7:00pm

Second Meeting
MON 01/27/14
Same Time and Place

Please note: Teams without sponsor checks at the first captain's meeting will be charged a $25 late fee. Returned checks subject to add'l $25 bounce fee.


Incomplete rosters will not be accepted. Please take the time to gather all information before handing in your roster and check.

Please make checks payable to:
(Note: There is a $25 late fee for teams who do not bring checks to the first captain's meeting plus a  $25 penalty for checks returned for insufficient funds)

Team rosters must be turned in at your area's first captain's meeting.

No players under 21 years of age can be accepted for membership in the MMDL.

BE SURE your team can make the full season commitment. NO SHOW teams will be suspended for 2 full seasons!

Must be picked up at the second captain's meeting or a 2 point penalty on the first match will be imposed. There is also a $15 charge for replacing lost captain's kits.

If you have any specific concerns or requests regarding your division
assignment for skill level, travel time or other issue please attach a note to your team roster and/or send an email to the area director.