Spring 2019 Season

Regular Season Info

501 Singles Championship 2019

Q&A With the Board of Directors during 501 Championship

Held 3:30pm-4:30pm during the MMDL 501 Singles tournament: 
April 20, 2019 at the Newton American Legion Post 440.

All players from any division are invited to attend an informal "Town Meeting" style forum with the league board of directors. This meeting will be principally focused on issues with the Super A and A division structure, but any questions or statements from members will be heard and answered as time allows.

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Live Scoreboards Division Standings Leaderboard

Match Schedules:

Area Schedule Area Director email Phone
Anna Moretti annam@mmdl.org 978-882-5207
Matt Perkins mattp@mmdl.org 781-248-8239
North Shore DOWNLOAD
Donna Millett donnam@mmdl.org 978-882-2634
South Shore DOWNLOAD
Chris Ryan chrisr@mmdl.org 978-882-3117

PLAQUES for All-Star Notables are now provided BY REQUEST ONLY.  If you wish to receive a plaque for your high on, high out, Ton-80, R09, 6 Bull/Corks or other notable, you must send an email to awards@mmdl.org with the notable, player and team name.

Submission Deadline: May 17, 2019

Spring 2019 Plaque Requests:  (Will be updated periodically this season)

Roster Changes

In the event you need to make a change to your team's player roster, please make sure you read and understand the MMDL's roster change policy.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in penalty points to any match score where unapproved players participated.

Click here to download this as .pdf document that you can print and have on hand at your matches for reference.

501 Doubles / Straight-In, Double-Out / Single Leg

1. 501 Game One Away for Cork first (not choice) - Away Team Chalks
2. 501 Game Two Home for Cork first (not choice) - Home Team Chalks
3. 501 Game Three Away for Cork first (not choice) - Away Team Chalks

Cricket Doubles / Single Leg

4. Cricket Game One Home for Cork first (not choice) - Home Team Chalks
5. Cricket Game Two Away for Cork first (not choice) - Away Team Chalks
6. Cricket Game Three Home for Cork first (not choice) - Home Team Chalks

301 Singles / Double-In, Double-Out / Best of Three
(Loser of first leg starts second leg, winner of first leg has choice for cork to start third leg, if necessary)

7. 301 Game One Away to Start w/shoot for Double-On - Away Team Chalks
8. 301 Game Two Home to start w/shoot for Double-On - Home Team Chalks
9. 301 Game Three Away to start w/shoot for Double-On - Away Team Chalks
10. 301 Game Four Home to start w/shoot for Double-On - Home Team Chalks
11. 301 Game Five Away to start w/shoot for Double-On - Away Team Chalks
12. 301 Game Six Home to start. w/shoot for Double-On - Home Team Chalks


Wicked Weekly Checkouts!

The first person at your match who hits the checkout for that week will be entered into an end of season drawing for special prizes. This is now AUTOMATICALLY tracked by DartConnect, reporting unnecessary.

Who's hit checkouts so far this season?:

Download Weekly Checkout List - Click Here

The Spring 2019 Wicked Weekly Checkouts:


To follow the weekly outs, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or sign up for our email list.

Start time is 7:30pm!

DartConnect will be used to monitor start times and stricter enforcement of late start penalty points will be assessed for chronic offenders.  Start time for ALL DIVISIONS is 7:30pm. Late starts could lead to point deductions. If you are running late, you are advised to give the other captain a courtesy phone call with an estimated time of arrival or for scheduling a makeup match. There are no forfeits - teams that "no-show" will be suspended for 2 seasons.

Click here to download these guidelines as an acrobat .pdf document.

Reminder - Player Minimums

The minimum number of matches that a player must play in order to be eligible for the playoffs is 50% of the regular season. The minimum number of players required to play a match is four (4).

Blank Match Report

To download a blank match report, click here.


Scorekeeper's 10 Commandments

Keeping score is very important to the smooth running of a dart match.  To download our list of guidelines for proper scorekeeping, click here.


DartConnect is now MANDATORY for all league match scorekeeping

Learn More

DartConnect How To Leagues


Helpful Info, Forms
& Documents:

DartConnect Help Page

Weekly Standings

League Rules

Roster Change Policy

Blank Match Report:

Match Report Instructions

Match Start Time Guidelines

Order of Play and Scorekeeping

Scorekeeper's Ten Commandments


Season Sign Up Info

The Minute Man Dart League is pleased to invite all teams and sponsors to participate in the upcoming season. Good luck to all competitors!

The Spring 2019 Season will begin the first week of February!  
Rosters must be turned in at your area's first captain's meeting -- see the meeting schedule below or Click Here.

Sponsor Fees are $200/team.

Update on A & Super A Division Eligibility and Placement


501 Doubles is now Straight-In
50% Reg. Season Participation for Playoff Eligibility
All New Format for Super A Division

Learn More


Download Season Announcement with Capt Meeting Schedule

Standard Team Application Form

Download ApplicatioN Form

CAPT Email is Mandatory - Email for ALL Players is Required for DartConnect participation.

Make sure players submit the same email as their DartConnect membership account. Note: Email addresses must be UNIQUE - NO SHARED email addresses!

Super A Application Form

If you are applying for the new Super A Division, please use this special application form.


Download Super A Application Form

DartConnect is now MANDATORY

MMDL fees cover the cost for ALL teams using DartConnect Scorekeeping

Download DartConnect Season Pass Informational Flyer

Click Here for more information about DartConnect


Is your pub or club looking for new teams and players?

Download Recruitment Poster


- Captain's Meeting Schedule -
Click meeting location name for maps and driving directions


First Captain's Meeting:
Roster & Check drop off and Awards Pickup.

Second Captain's Meeting:
Pick up Capt Kits and Schedules. Bring friends and team mates for the Luck of the Draw tournament.


Area Director:
Anna Moretti
annam@mmdl.org or 978-882-5207

First Meeting
WEDNESDAY 01/09/19
MALDEN MOOSE -  781-324-9443
562 Broadway, Malden, MA
Mtg Start Time: 7:30pm

Second Meeting
WEDNESDAY 01/30/19
LUXURY BOXX - (781) 322-2101
665 Broadway
Malden, MA 02148
Mtg Start Time: 7:30pm
Luck of the Draw to follow 2nd meeting.

$$$ MMDL is adding
$100 to the LOD payout


Area Director:
Donna Millett
donnam@mmdl.org or 978-882-2634

First Meeting
WEDNESDAY 01/02/19
39 Bow Street
Beverly, MA 01915
Mtg Start Time: 7:30pm

Second Meeting
WEDNESDAY 01/30/19
Same Time and Place
Luck of the Draw to follow 2nd meeting.

$$$ MMDL is adding
$100 to the LOD payout


Area Director:
Matt Perkins
mattp@mmdl.org or 781-248-8239

First Meeting
THURSDAY 01/10/19
MARLBORO EAGLES - 508-485-9738
56 Florence St
Marlboro, MA 01752
Mtg Start Time: 7:00pm

Second Meeting
THURSDAY 01/31/19
FRAMINGHAM EAGLES - 508-875-9071
55 Park Street
Framingham, MA 01702
Mtg Start Time: 7:00pm
Luck of the Draw to follow 2nd meeting.

$$$ MMDL is adding
$100 to the LOD payout


Area Director:
Chris Ryan
chrisr@mmdl.org or 978-882-3117

First Meeting
WEDNESDAY 01/02/19

POLISH CLUB - 781-878-9822
55 Wales Street
Abington, MA 02351
Mtg Start Time: 7:00pm

Second Meeting
WEDNESDAY 01/30/19
Same Time and Place
Luck of the Draw to follow 2nd meeting.

$$$ MMDL is adding
$100 to the LOD payout

Please note: Teams without sponsor checks at the first captain's meeting will be charged a $25 late fee. Returned checks subject to add'l $25 bounce fee.

Attn: A Division & Super A Team Prospects

As previously announced fior this upcoming season, teams applying for A Division placement will need to meet statistical criteria based on available DartConnect data according to the following:

  • The statistical category being used for all teams is 301 performance

  • Teams will be analyzed by a "composite" average that creates a Team Average based on the team's top 6 players

  • If a team's composite team average is 42.5 ppr or higher, the team will only be allowed to apply for the new Super A division

  • Teams with a Team Average of 42.4 or lower will be allowed to play in the A Division - Final decisions will be made with the Area Director's discretion

  • Any team may apply for the Super A division regardless of team average

How can you know where your team stands?

If you have questions or would like to have your team average calculated for you, please contact Anna Moretti at annam@mmdl.org. You will need to supply the team roster you will be submitting for this season with all players listed.

DartConnect is now MANDATORY

ALL teams must now use DartConnect to score league matches and you no longer need to email your match report.  See all details about this important change - Click Here

Contact your Area Director with any questions. 

Visit the MMDL DartConnect Help Page - Click Here

Need a Cheap Tablet?

MMDL has a limited supply of pre-owned Android tablets for sale.  Contact your Area Director for details.

Take a look at DartConnect's Tablet Buyer's Guide for great tips and links to tablet bargains such as:

  • Their #1 recommendation for an affordable tablet - Refurbished iPad 2 - with links for browsing the current selection on Amazon and eBay (Price Range: $60-$85)
  • What specs to look for when buying a cheap Android tablet
  • Information about using a Kindle or Surface tablet



Incomplete rosters will not be accepted. Please take the time to gather all information before handing in your roster and check.  SUBMIT EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR ALL PLAYERS

Please make checks payable to:
(Note: There is a $25 late fee for teams who do not bring checks to the first captain's meeting plus a  $25 penalty for checks returned for insufficient funds)

Team rosters must be turned in at your area's first captain's meeting.

No players under 21 years of age can be accepted for membership in the MMDL.

BE SURE your team can make the full season commitment. NO SHOW teams will be suspended for 2 full seasons!

Must be picked up at the second captain's meeting or a 2 point penalty on the first match will be imposed. There is also a $15 charge for replacing lost captain's kits.

If you have any specific concerns or requests regarding your division
assignment for skill level, travel time or other issue please attach a note to your team roster and/or send an email to the area director.