With our apologies, it has come to the League’s attention that a person that attended our Cricket Singles Championship event on Saturday, Oct 2, at the American Legion Post 440 in Newton has tested POSITIVE for COVID earlier this morning, Oct 4.

Anyone that attended the event has been exposed and should take any personal precautions you feel necessary to get tested or quarantine to limit any further exposure.

These are precarious times we are living in and we hope that ALL participants of the day are safe and well.

If you should have any questions as to how to proceed with your upcoming dart matches, please reach out to your respective Area Director for guidance.

Here are some friendly suggestions that we encourage teams to be mindful of:

Please continue to distance as much as possible when shooting

  • Stay home if you are not feeling well
  • Fist or elbow bump or just a friendly good luck and congratulations is a still good sportsmanship
  • Use hand sanitizer when possible
  • Sanitize the scoring device when possible
  • Follow venue and state COVID guidelines

Note:  Please be as accommodating as possible if a team needs to reschedule versus playing shorthanded due to a player(s) choice not to attend if they are not feeling well.  Although we encourage this please do not abuse it

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  • 4 Regional Areas (Boston, Central, North Shore, South Shore)
  • Levels of competition ranging from Beginner to Expert

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