Roster Change Policy

  1. Only 3 changes are allowed to the roster after the season has begun.
  2. No changes are allowed after week 8 (hardship exception must be proved if a change is requested after week 8) no exceptions if the team is not 5 or under shooters
  3. Requests must be submitted at a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled match
    1. Your official roster can be checked at any time in DC League Stats in the drop-down box if you click on your team name
    2. If the player’s name is not on the list then he/she has not been approved to play
  4. Captains must submit a request to their respective Area Director via email
    1. Team name and division
    2. Specify the change requested (add or remove)
    3. If adding, send players name, address, phone, email, and shirt size
    4. If removing, just the player’s name
  5. All requested changes must be approved by the Area Director before the change can be implemented or utilized
  6. If a player has not been approved and that player shoots in match the penalty is as follows:
    1. The game point in which the unapproved player played in will be awarded to the opposing team
    2. The captain who allowed the player to play will be suspended and not allowed to captain a team in the future
    3. A 2 point penalty will be applied to the offending teams final match score
    4. The player who played will be put on probation
  7. Each request submission is considered 1 change
    (example: you send an email request that asks to remove and add a player, this is considered 1 change)
    (example: if you send an email request on 1 day requesting a change and then another on another day requesting a change, this is considered 2 changes)
    So be mindful before you send in the email request and be sure you ask for all changes in 1 email.

Proactive communication with your Area Director is key:
Boston – Anna Moretti  [email protected]
Central – Kirsten Dahl  [email protected]
South – Steve Cullity  [email protected]
North – Nick Pratt  [email protected]

It is ESSENTIAL for all MMDL Team Captains to understand and comply with the league roster change policies.  These policies were designed to ensure equitable and fair competition for all divisions.  MMDL understands that the unpredictability of life often results in players dropping out mid-season, or other reasons for additions or replacements, but we must also be protective of the integrity of league competition, prevent attempts to manipulate these rules and have created these policies to create a fair process for all.

DON’T LOSE POINTS – Every season, many captains lose valuable match points because they do not follow the proper procedure when making a roster change.  Every point counts in a team’s quest for the playoffs, so if you must make a change to your team roster, it is in your best interest to adhere to the following:

Use of an unregistered/unapproved player will result in match penalty points.

  • All roster changes must be approved< by your area director before the new player can play in a match.  Make sure that you have received an email or verbal permission from your AD before using a new player.
  • Teams are allowed to make up to three (3) roster changes before week 8 of the regular season. Absolutely no roster changes will be allowed after this deadline.  You must submit your roster change request to your AD at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled match.
  • Your official roster can be checked at any time on the MMDL Stats Website.  If a player’s name does not appear on this site as a member of your team, then they are not approved to play.

For a list of Area Director’s email and phone #s, see your captain’s kit